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Philip Reynolds

Director, Engineering @ Workday. All thoughts, opinions expressed are my own

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About me

I am a 30 something manager working for Workday with a background in web hosting, cloud engineering and application development. I’ve been working in management since 2011 but keep a keen interest and passion for technology.

I was, what’s fondly known as, a generalist. I’ve worked on everything from data centre layouts, rack & cabling layouts, BGP configuration, FreeBSD kernel development, pension management software, build systems, javascript, HTML and a whole lot more in-between. My background is primarily with open source software on BSD and more recently Linux systems. Nowadays, I play in my spare time.

I work in the Platform Engineering area of Workday helping to construct and improve our build pipelines, deployment tooling, monitoring systems & virtualization platform.

Other stuff

  • Bachelors in Computer Applications from DCU (99-03)
  • Part of the RedBrick Computer Networking Society as a sysadmin and the Societies and Publications Committee while there
  • Started a business with two colleagues from 01-05 called RFC Networks
  • Worked in Hosting365 in the hosting dept. from 05-06
  • Worked in Digiweb in the hosting dept. from 06-09
  • Played basketball for Colaiste Eanna in Dublin D1 from 07-14
  • Part of the Longford county football panel in 08-09
  • Played basketball for Shamrock Hoops in the Irish Superleague in 08-09
  • Joined Workday in 09

Speaking gigs